Atelier Sverko i Sverko was established in 1990 by Emil and Ivana Sverko. Office is registered for architectural and engineering services according to the Building Act and Architects Chamber Act, including professional services in urban design. Office is also licensed for preservation and reconstruction of the buildings listed by the Ministry of Culture.
Work of the office has been noticed through urban design and architectural projects (housing, office and public buildings, cultural and educational buildings, shopping malls, hotels, interior design), mostly of them are built or are under construction.
The office members have been awarded in numerous architectural competitions and exhibitions, stated in the chapter "Exhibitions Publications Awards".
Office's design philosophy is based on the conceptual distortion of local tradition, in shape as well in using procedure, introducing new forms being provoked also by new materials. There is always sneaking a permanent curiosity whether the final design is marked by time as its contemporary.
The close collaboration with client is favored in all stages of design, respecting his requirements and holding the author's touch.